If you or your band is having a show at 3rd and Lindsley coming up and are looking to have a high quality HD video production of your event, you have come to the right place. We at Cinematicfocus speacialize in videos shot at 3rd and Lindsey and have a perfect video package for your band.



For $450.00 we can provide a 6(six) camera all HD shoot. This will be four matching cameras along with two small HD GoPro cameras for cool super wide angle shots. For this price you will get 2(two) maned cameras, one on a tripod and the other with a handheld camera that will be moving among the crowd. The other four cameras will be locked down, un-maned cameras. For audio we will capture the board feed and put up crowd mics, then sync the recordings to the video. We will also include delivery of the wide angle shot of the whole concert with the synced audio recordings. All for $450.00!


Editing starts at $150.00 per two songs. We will provide the six camera video edit, simple audio mixing and audio leveling, and simple titles. We will then deliver the songs (that you chose to have edited) to you via a web link to a digital file you can download. 


Some add-ons include but not limited to:

Multi-tracking Audio

Multi-track Audio Mixing

Over Dubbing

Extra Cameras

Extra Camera Operators

Camera Jib and Operator

Camera Dolly and Operator

Please let us know if you have any other questions, or have other needs we can help with. We are very flexable and can add more to your package to fit your need.